Glow32 City Studios

Glow32 - exhibitions and public programs held at City Studios, Brisbane 2010.

glow 32 exhibition 2010

Mandana Mapar, Jeremy Gilmore, Christine Murray and Jesse Lockhart-Krause, established the nonprofit Social Futures Initiative (SFI), in Brisbane in during 2010 - 2011. Inspired by the work of Toronto based Centre for Social Innovation, the group of artworkers, architects, students and professionals set about researching and formulating a set of goals as early as October 2009. SFI was established to strengthen and develop the art and design culture in South East Queensland, to promote and contribute to the creative culture and sustainable development of Brisbane by facilitating art and design programs and generating cross disciplinary exposure and interaction. 

At the time the most crucial aspect of the initiative was to create a studio culture for students and recent graduates from the three main universities in the city Queensland University of Technology (QUT), University of Queensland and Griffith University. Working with real estate firms, philanthropists and entrepreneurs, SFI and City Studios at the height of their success housed 17 residents and 8 businesses. The team were successful in growing a community & cross disciplinary network that showed creative, inspiring & accessible spaces are possible in a city.

Major supporters of the SFI initiative included:

Architects Anonymous QUT Guild Club                   
McCullough Robertson Lawyers
QUT Center for Nonprofit Studies              
Positive Solutions   
Australian Business Arts Foundation   
Auditor BDO Kendall and Private Donors

Throughout 2010 - 2011 a series of exhibitions, concerts, community gatherings and workshops were held at City Studios, Burnett Lane in the heart of Brisbane Australia. Featuring 75 visual artists and musicians, with thanks to 28 volunteers and 7 artworkers. With over 3000 visitors across 4 weeks of programming, Glow 32 was made possible with thanks to support from Brisbane City Council Creative Communities, MAAP, Visible Ink, Little Creatures and Kingsley Grove Estate.

Photos by City Studios staff and volunteers.