Traces photographic series, exhibited in Manhattan in 2010. Artist in residence at Latham & Watkins Law Firm. Featuring 16 digital prints on archival canson photo rag paper, number 1 of edition of 5.

There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul;
we search for its outlines all our lives.

Josephine Hart

Manmade interventions and the remnants of our everyday lives leave traces across the lands and skies. The photographs in this ongoing series are a documentation of these landscapes. Through windows and alleyways, across rivers and valleys, the friction between what is natural and what is manufactured is palpable.
To me, these images are a record of the experiences and the passage of time which ultimately affects
the construction of reality, memory and identity. 
First displayed at Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery, Gold Coast as a series in process. Launched in New York during the summer of 2010 at Latham Watkins Law Firm 885 3rd Ave, New York.